Independent eyewear brand, AKILA is a modern eyewear concept brand based out of Los Angeles CA. They're focused on limited-run, handmade eyewear. Fabricated from a malleable acetate and stainless steel core to make for long lasting durability and sleek style.


Amiacalva is an ancient fish that survived for centuries without evolving. This concept of long-lasting, durable, and perfect style is what Amiacalva brings to their design. Their bags are functional and beautiful and will last. 


Seoul-based womenswear label representing timeless, classic, and effortless designs. Inspired by a minimalistic culture, organic shapes, and neutral palettes, Amomento was founded in 2016 by Lee Mee-Kung and is recognized for its everyday staples crafted from sustainable Japanese and Korean fabrics.

Atelier Delphine

Atelier Delphine is a conceptual line, designed by LA-based designer Yuka Izutsu, that embraces getting dressed in a way that is both elevated and comfortable.  All of her pieces have a sense of refinement that makes us feel unconventional, creative and part of fashion forward movement.  We look to Atelier Delphine for her mature, refined pieces as well as her elevated line of shoes.


Auralee means “The Lands That Lights Up”. Founder Ryota Iwai envisions his collections to be worn in the morning light. Each collection starts with extensive research of the best high-quality raw materials and yarns, sourced in Japan and all over the world. Timeless yet rooted in the moment, Auralee’s collections provide real clothes for an elegant, effortless yet functional way of dressing.

B Sides

We found B Sides where they began: with vintage denim reworked into truly amazing pieces for an adventurous wardrobe. Their standout jeans are second to none but we equally love their affordable approach to classic USA-made denim. All cotton is milled by family-run operations who traditionally sell to workwear brands. It's denim done right. High quality, sustainably sourced, LA-made.


At any given time at Jake and Jones at least one member of our team is wearing a Baserange piece. That’s because they deliver what they promise: clean silhouettes, comfortable support, and everyday underwear or basics. Baserange prioritizes clean production and high quality fabrics and has one of the most innovative approaches to styling that we’ve seen in quite some time.

Bao Bao by Issey Miyake

Amazing engineering meets exceptional craftsmanship with Japanese designer, Issey Miyake's bag line, Bao Bao. Created from mesh fabric layered with small triangles of polyvinyl, these bags are versatile and playful as they can be transformed into a myriad of shapes. 

Beatrice Valenzuela

Simple design from Beatrice Valenzuela's studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Beatrice Valenzuela strives for effortless clothing that fits in well with a lifestyle of travel, time with nature, and echoes the beauty of the natural world.   

Camiel Fortgens 

Camiel Fortgens is a gender-neutral Amsterdam-based designer exploring materials, shapes, and elements from various eras and cultures. He reinterprets traditional designs and offers a diverse, easy to wear collection by crafting with all kinds of people in mind. He often blends clean-cut lines with frayed edges blurring the boundaries between tradition and innovation.

Caron Callahan

Our favorite thing about Soho-based designer Caron Callahan is that she approaches fashion with zero pretension and 100% passion for wearable clothing. She aims to design fashionable pieces for the woman who doesn’t want to follow seasonal trends. It's cool as can be, and many of our Brooklyn friends are wearing her clothes.  Her iconic NOLITA store is a source of inspiration for us, with a cool, mellow and artsy vibe.  Her exceptional quality raises the level of her clothes and shoes making her pieces a sure statement and heirloom in your closet. 


A timeless and lasting British Clothing line that celebrates quality, by Hannah Cawley, who was inspired to create clothing that could be both sustainable and practical.  Every garment is designed to be functional and have a place in everyday life. Each piece is hand cut and individually handeled London. Cloth is sourced from mills in Portugal, Ireland, England, India and Japan. 

Chelsea Mak

Chelsea Mak is an eponymous womenswear label designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted in Shanghai. Uncommon materials, primarily deadstock silks from local markets, and smart silhouettes, toe the line of rebellion and formality. Chelsea Mak pieces are perennial by design and hold an exquisite handcrafted nature. An ode to old-world elegance and non-conformist femininity.

Cog the Big Smoke

Instead of designing collection after collection like many large fashion brands, Cog the Big Smoke chooses to release new items slowly and focus on lifelong, versatile pieces. These functional but fashion-forward clothes are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. 

Emma Rothkopf

Small batch, season-less clothing designed by Emma Rothkopf, based out of Los Angeles, CA. The line was birthed after moving from New York to Utah, and experiencing the time and space allowed by the vast Utah scenery. Emma was inspired to make garments that transition through landscapes with ease.

Fabiana Pigna

A Venezuelan fashion designer based in Los Angeles who creates sculptural, modern, and elegant pieces that are sophisticated and functional in the modern woman's wardrobe. We love the subtle details in each Fabiana Pigna piece. 


Girls of Dust

Girls of Dust is a womenswear brand based in Antwerp. Inspired by translating vintage workwear to contemporary cuts, Girls of Dust is easy to wear and as strong as the people who wear them. Crafted in Portugal with fabrics selected from Europe & Japan, G.o.D. is dedicated to bringing quality and durability that will stand the test of time.


Seamless and functional designs crafted along the Mediterranean and transported to our boutique along the Pacific in Santa Barbara, California. A timeless collection that embodies tradition, craftsmanship, and folk tradition.


Some of our favorite pieces in the store come from ichi, the sister of Ichi Antiquites centered around wearable forms with comfortable, natural fabrics. Based in Fukuoka, Japan, ichi prioritizes timeless, effortless pieces with everyday use in mind.

Ichi Antiquites

Ichi Antiquites is known for excellent textiles and elevated style. The Japanese design lends a level of sophistication with an easy comfort level. Ichi Antiquites uses traditional production methods lending a level of quality that means your pieces will last a lifetime and wear to become your own. 


JIL SANDER, the high-end luxury brand, is the epitome of modernity and sophistication. Launched in 1968 by Jil Sander, the clean-lined designs signaled luxury clothes for a new generation of women. With its creative legacy of streamlined purity, the brand has pioneered a modern conception of luxury and elegance, enriching the world of fashion with distinctive craftsmanship and design.


Kamperett is a womenswear line from San Francisco, CA known for creating effortlessly chic pieces with the highest quality materials. Designed by Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo, the brand Kamperett was born from a hybrid of their mothers' maiden names, Pferdekamper and Garrett.


KasMaria is known for small batch playful wearables designed and made in New York City. Founded by Kassandra Maria Laos out of her love for textiles, clothing, crafts and art.


KASSL is a European brand, who's operation began in the central German city of Kassel. Using the same techniques and facilities that supply the German national fire brigade with its near-indestructible outerwear, KASSL created their brand beginning with the trench coat in their signature material, rubber. Their ethos is to create simple, genderless, durable and functional products, and keep to their commitment of radical quality. At Jake and Jones, a Santa Barbara boutique for slow fashion.


Knickerbocker, a New York brand founded by Andrew Livingston in 2013, began as a manufacturing company on the border of Brooklyn. Their philosophy centers around a deep appreciation for people and processes, which the brand has carried with it as it has expanded to work with like-minded mills and factories. Knickerbocker's collection reflects a fusion of classic American style with layered elements of art, music, and sports, emphasizing tradition, utility and purpose.

Lauren Manoogian

Since 2008, Lauren Manoogian's appreciation of natural materials and an intuitive approach to shape development categorize the practice. Personal, deep knowledge of fibers and textiles guide each collection, creating textual narratives that are both cohesive and yet ever-evolving. A perceptible hand is maintained, where irregularities and non-uniformity are not just allowed but honored. Led by Manoogian and partner Chris Fireoved, the brand operates between New York and Peru.


Legres is the creation and collaboration between a London based design collective and traditional Italian shoe Artisans. Together, they are inspired by reworking classic styles into contemporary shapes and forms. Their preservation for Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail is hard to miss.  

Leigh Miller

Contemporary jewelry designed by Leigh Miller Newman in Los Angeles. Inspired by natural forms and patterns, she thoughtfully translates her visions into sculptural metal wearables using unconventional techniques. She sculpts with a developed wax working method to create her jewelry.


Helmed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the LEMAIRE brand offers a timeless Parisian style that is cosmopolitan, sophisticated and rich in influences. Crafted from fabrics selected for their quality and designed for everyday wear, the wardrobe is eminently modular—the supple silhouettes and soft color palette allow LEMAIRE outfits to be restyled and accented over time.


A sustainably-made swimwear line designed in Venice, Italy and named for famed Italian beach club, Lido. All suits are made in northern Italy and are the pinnacle of comfort and class. 


In the midst of a world in a rush, LINDQUIST is committed to thinking broadly, ethically, and generationally. The Swedish word Lagom suggests items that are in balance, in moderation: perfect-simple. Each LINDQUIST piece will reflect the work of artists inspired by this ethos. The designers and artisans at LINDQUIST focus on naturally-dyed leather goods made for living, made to last, growing patina with each passing year. LINDQUIST objects are designed to be with you for the long haul, developing character alongside you through a lifetime of use.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman founded her label in 2000 in New York City. The brand is committed to implementing more responsible practices while remaining committed to presenting colorful collections inspired by and in celebration of women. In an effort to foster mindful consumption habits, the brand maintains an open conversation about its approach and encourages consumers to reevaluate the relationship society has with clothing.


Maria La Rosa Socks

A sock line designed with care at Maria La Rosa's family atelier in Milan, Italy where Maria's daughters Alice and Lisa have carried forward the family lineage. Each sock is expertly crafted and designed with long-lasting quality in mind.


Eponymous line with a clear eye for simplicity, elegance, and wearability. Martiniano prioritizes traditional craftsmanship and believed in celebrating natural materials. These shoes are designed to last and to wear for years to come. They epitomize the kind of slow fashion investment we prioritize at Jake and Jones.


Meals clothing is an epicurean approach to workwear. Each color is named in homage to a culinary delight. The garments are equal parts functional in the kitchen and fashion-forward. Hand-dyed and made in Los Angeles, California.

Mijeong Park

Laid-back, neutral-toned womenswear by eponymous Korean designer. All clothing is inspired by her home in LA and strives to capture the modern silhouettes and comfort that defines Los Angeles fashion.  


Modern Weaving

Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, Modern Weaving is a playful, yet classic arrangement of wearables, including handbags, jewelry and clothing. Modern Weaving offers a variety of crisp design across all their pieces, using both experimental design and more traditional techniques dating back to our ancestral sisterhood.

Mondo Mondo

Started as just a t-shirt line in 2012, Mondo Mondo quickly grew to include jewelry and fragrances that are inspired by founder Natasha Ghosn's family history in Mexico City. Mondo Mondo is forward yet timeless. 

Mozhdeh Matin

Mozhdeh Matin, is a sustainable fashion brand that highlights the detailed craftsmanship of native Peruvian artisans. Crafted from baby alpaca and prima cotton, all sourced from their trips to the country. Mozdeh is deeply informed by the communities and personal experiences gathered from their trips to Peru, you can see this translated into each and every garment. 


Nackiyé is comprised of delicate embroideries, vibrant colors and idyllic prints. Known best for their relaxed yet elegant and uncomplicated styles. We love Nackiyé for their kaftans and contemporary takes on classic womenswear silhouettes. 

Nu Swim

A New York-based swimsuit line started in California on the ethos of sustainable, timeless pieces. All swimwear is made from recycled ocean waste and regenerated nylon and designed to last seasons over seasons.   

Pleats Please Issey Miyake

Modern pleated styles for the everyday. These garments are light, wrinkle-proof, easy to travel with, and don't require dry cleaning. Conceptualized as a functional but elegant addition to your wardrobe that's just as beautiful and it is useful. 


A New York based jewelry brand inspired by surf and club culture made from precious stones, glass beads, and metal. These pieces evoke the feeling of summer in the 80s and 90s with sand in your hair. 

Shaina Mote

Shaina Mote is a Los Angeles based brand. Beyond making quality pieces designed to last a lifetime, they hold high standards to their production processes, using only organic and biodegradable fibers. They value long term relationships with their production community and prioritize a hands on approach to their design process. Their sustainable perspective on garment making is unique and reflective in every piece.

Sofie D'Hoore

A Brussels-based brand with subtle sophistication, Sofie D'Hoore embraces the meeting point of clean lines and classic shapes with fantastical design elements. Pieces are modern without sacrificing wearability.


Suzanne Rae

Suzanne Rae is a New York-based ready-to-wear and shoe line inspired by and made for the progressive and modern individual. Established in 2010 and rooted in feminist fundamentals and the idea of fashion as a performative art, the pieces are informed, sophisticated, but also playful and relevant in functionality.

Talisman Fine Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry hand carved through traditional lost wax casting technique by Colorado native, Vanessa Barcus.  

Under Her Coat

Under Her Coat is a local Santa Barbara designer who hand knits each and every piece. Made with intention and love, each piece is entirely unique. We're thrilled to offer these seasonal beanies in our shop.


A classic sneaker with an ethical twist. These shoes are a slow fashion staple. Designed in Paris and made in Brazil out of sustainable materials by employees who are well paid and treated. We think of Vejas as a go-to closet staple. 

Wild Animals

Wild Animals are products, objects, animals by Rop van Mierlo.  Inspired by drawing on uncontrolled wet paper at a Waldorf School, he began drawing tigers and all these the wild animals in this untameable way. That was the abstract idea. And they all turned out really funny and nice, so much so that led to Wild Animals.

Wol Hide

A Philadelphia-based knitwear brand created by Leah D’Ambrosio. All pieces are thoughtfully curated to be a wardrobe staple and are made with an uncompromising approach to sustainability. Wol Hide is either sustainably produced in Peru, made using recycled or dead stock yarn, or made of USA-grown cotton. They are pieces to live your life in.




Alex Mill

Alex Mill began as a men’s t-shirt line in NYC Then, a few years later with the addition of Somsack (former J.Crew and Madewell designer) and Alex’s dad, Millard Drexler, Alex Mill the full brand was born.  Alex Mill pieces are “timeless, not trendy,” and they hold a classic, simple, yet stylish quality while maintaining an affordable price point.  Alex Mill recently opened its first flagship store in Soho, NYC.  We love Alex Mill’s jumpsuits, classic tees and easy everyday basics.

Applied Art Forms

Applied Art Forms is a fashion brand drawing inspiration from vintage utilitarian, workwear clothing. Selecting fabrics and utilizing elevated construction detail, A/A/F highlights authentic manufacturing techniques stemming from Japan and Europe. All garments are sustainably crafted and designed to last a lifetime.


Based out of NYC, Colbo is produced and designed by creative director Tal Siberstein. Featuring very small editions and collaborating with independent factories and artisans, Colbos store in NYC carries various designers that share a common appreciation for sincere and honest made clothing


An ethical fashion brand designed in Spain by sisters Monica and Maria. All materials and suppliers are carefully selected and each garment is made in a small family factory in Spain. They design timeless garments to strive for a more sustainable world.


Designed and created in Korea, by founder Jong Hyuk.  FrizmWORKS is an iconic streetwear brand known for their attention to detail and fine quality. They've been around over over 13 years, but until recent years have only been available in South Korea. We're excited to be able to offer FrizmWORKS as they're a unique label with an exceptional price point.

Henrik Vibskov

A collection designed by and named for Scandinavian designer Henrik Vibskov and focused on technology, the visual arts, and sustainability. Every piece is fun, whimsical, and wearable.


Jungmaven’s slogan has always been “everything hemp by 2020.” This slogan is representative of Jungmaven designer Robert Jungmann’s mission to combat deforestation and climate change. The vision is simple, sustainable, long-lasting clothing that you can feel good in and feel good buying. We love carrying this sustainable line in our Santa Barbara store (the birthplace of Earth Day, one of Jungmaven's inspirations). 

Lady White Co.

Founded in 2015, Lady White Co. initially focused soley on jersey t-shirts. Particularly: white. Now developing various sportswear forms, their expanding collection reflects contemporary moods through the personalities of custom jersey and fleeces, produced by family-owned factories within 10 miles from the design headquarters in Los Angeles. Influenced by an insular view of American aesthetics, Lady White Co. is an uncommon approach to familiar classics.

Malibu Sandals

Malibu Sandals strives to create the most comfortable, stylish and modern sandals on the planet using innovative, cruelty-free materials, finding inspiration in the cultural history and physical beauty of coastal California, most notable Malibu. The innovative sandals deliver on everyday wearability from the beach to the boulevard.


Since 1994, Marni has celebrated individuality through an unpredictable visual language, combining the nostalgic and futuristic with plays on patterns, shapes, colors, and textures. Thought of as "the fashion industry's fashion brand" we've drawn inspiration from Marni since our beginning, and are so excited to carry curated pieces in our Santa Barbara store.

MM6 Maison Margiela

A part of the luxury fashion design house Margiela, MM6 offers a fresh perspective on high fashion that’s conceptual but wearable. Quality, curated designs with a refined taste. 

Nicholson & Nicholson

Comprised of skilled craftsmen and designers, Japanese brand Nicholson & Nicholson calls into question mainstream understandings of our relationship with fashion. Traditional pattern making, sewing techniques and natural materials are at the core of the collection.


orSlow, founded by Ichiro Nakatsu, has become globally renowned for pairing rugged construction with refied details. Inspired by Americana, denim is the brands hallmark. Known for recontextualizing classic styles to meet the demands of modern day living, their pieces transcend time, with their handmade nature and workwear inspired character. They pose as the antithesis to fast fashion.


From the artistic mind of Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo comes a casual, playful line for women, men and kids. The label's signature red heart, complete with instantly recognizable wide eyes, is emblazoned on wear-everywhere T-shirts, knitwear and sneakers.


Satta, in Sanskrit, means Existence/Being, and designs to foster a connection with nature, self, & others. With a holistic design philosophy and attention to slowing down, Satta is rooted in the tension between city-living and biophillic desire. A study across garments, spaces, botanicals, and ceramics.

Samuel Zelig

Samuel Zelig is a contemporary brand that overtly mixes art and fashion. With their gestural designs, usually displaying motifs reflecting human imagery, the Zelig team is able to create dream-like pieces that feel like you're wearing art. 

Studio Nicholson

London based designer, Studio Nicholson is known for clean, uncomplicated designs inspired by European mens uniforms, Japanese architecture, and grunge music. Utilizing superior textiles and a subtle nod to the feminine, these pieces are confidently considered classic additions to the closet. Purposefully playful with deliberately awkward proportions, their garments celebrate the luxurious yet casual modular wardrobe. 


London based design studio, Toogood was founded by Faye Toogood. Her work is cross-disciplinary and stems across interiors, furniture, homeware and fashion. She cross-pollinates on every project working with sculptures, architects and artists to create collections that are truly avant-garde. The fashion portion of the business was co-founded by Faye and her sister Erica. At the core of their work is a celebration of craftsmanship and traditional trade. 


Founded on years of experience and passion for craftsmanship, Yuketens quality and aesthetic is a testimony tho the passion of their makers. Careful consideration is invested into every final touch creating a Yuketen product such as selection of raw materials, and passing down traditions of high-skilled leather-making. These pieces are beautiful from the outside, in.



Bobo Choses

One of our favorite boutique kids lines. Bobo Choses is a sustainable children’s clothing brand that celebrates kids for their creativity, their spunk, and hopes to inspire kids and adults alike to be funny and lighthearted. The team at Bobo Choses works in an old toy factory on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea and are inspired by local manufacturers. The collections are colorful, impeccably made, and ready to be handed down year after year. 

Kids Books 

Our shop was founded on the belief that active curiosity is inherent to our existence, it's what keeps us going. We've aimed to curate a Kids' book collection that is both fun and thought provoking for children of all ages. What better way to spend time with each other than over a good book?

Kindly the Label

Playful clothes for children that are inspired by earth tone color ways, made to be easy to mix and match. The foundation of Kindly is closely connected to motherhood. The owners aim to create sweet and playful designs that will be easy to repeat. 


Childrens vintage-inspired line created by Photographer Monroe Alvarez, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since becoming a mother, Monroe became increasingly passionate about sourcing unique children's clothes, using dead-stock and vintage materials. At KOKO MOMO, one can find fun and funky pieces to stand out amongst the crowd.

Munster Kids

Munster Kids, founded in Sydney, Australia, is our go-to for children's lifestyle clothing.Created from a love of youth culture, Munster Kids designs clothing for all kids, known for their swimwear, and denim, the brand's clothing shows a love of surf, skate, and street culture


Thoughtfully designed non-toxic baby products from Mushie. Founded in 2018 with a passion for safety and function, Mushie was made with the intention of minimizing our environmental impact. Designed to be used, and then passed down to someone else, pushing back against the consumerism of single use and disposable goods.


Designed by a family in Brooklyn with Parisian roots, Oeuf is a family-run business that believes in great design and sustainability. The quality of their modern, and yet classic, children's and baby clothes are unparalleled. Take a page out of designer Sophie's book and pass these heirlooms down from kid to kid and from family to family. 

Quincy Mae

An organic and sustainable baby brand brought to you by the designers of Rylee + Cru. Quincy Mae specializes in minimal prints and soft fabrics aiming to make dressing your baby simple. 

Rylee + Cru

A modern, easy-to-wear, collection for a child who loves to play and a family that loves timeless, well-made basics. Rylee + Cru is an adventure in muted tones and beautiful patterns. 

Soor Ploom

A Brooklyn-based children's clothing line with an eye for fine materials and patterns. All clothing is inspired by a passion for quality over quantity, slow fashion, and sustainable choices.

Super Smalls

Super Smalls is a destination for all things joyful by Maria Dueñas Jacobs. Her designs are inspired by the grown-up world of outrageous and extravagant jewels, translated to appeal to a kid’s whimsical eye and withstand their active lifestyle. Super Smalls is made for play: from tree-climbing to cookie-eating contests and all the adventure in between.

The Wildest Company

Using Ice-Dye techniques, Sierra, the creator behind The Wildest Company, hopes that her textiles can inspire and excite others through admiration of the little things. All of her products are hand-dyed in Davis, California.

Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons is a Barcelona based, family run company with lasting, quality products in mind. They treat their brand as an adults brand, stylish but bold. With a strong story and image behind every collection. We love their graphic driven designs and soft quality fabrics. 


Lifestyle + Self Care


Wife and husband team Gabrielle Mirkin and Luke Harwood developed Activist, inspired by a shared passion for the earth and natural products rooted in their New Zealand childhoods. These products are powerful and luxurious, relying on the power of nature.

Agaric Fly

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Agaric Fly creates small supplies for future life enhancement. Fragrances are designed in-house, with the intention to blend aroma molecules and natural oils designed to transmit real-time sci fi sensory signals to the brain and spirit. Enhances alpha wave processing and creating a deep ambient experience.


An oil brand based off the creator, Alessandra's personal mantra " You're A. OK". Born of a ritual and daily practice, these oil blends are inspired by the idea of reconnecting with your body and mind, and to give a moment to yourself to feel, A.Ok.

Art of Tea

Based out of Los Angeles, Art of tea is known for their hand blended and custom organic teas and botanicals. Founded by master tea blender Steve Schwartz. He has lectured for tea conventions worldwide, and travels to offer educational programming on tea blending. 


Long-lasting, usable goods designed to reduce waste and function in your daily life. Baggu is based in San Francisco where they design all original prints for bags, masks, and more. 


BAINA is a towel brand based out of New Zealand and Australia, founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. The duo shares an affinity with bathing and resetting daily with routine and intention. Their organic cotton towels are designed to elevate your relationship with bathing, while also complimenting your bathrooms aesthetic.


Our shop was founded on the belief that active curiosity is inherent to our existence, it's what keeps us going. We've aimed to curate a collection that's applicable for anyone to treasure, explore and pique curiosity. 

Corpus Naturals

Founded by a skincare expert who struggled to find natural products that actually performed, Corpus is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural. 

D.S. & Durga

Curators of scents that are designed to conjure up the unseen world. The perfumes and candles are narratives of days and are truly works of art. Everything is made in New York.

Dusen Dusen

A brand known for original prints and bright colors based in Brooklyn, NY.  Designer Ellen Van Dusen was raised in Washington, DC and resides in Brooklyn, NY. We look to Dusen Dusen for bold home goods and textiles. 


Botanical skincare brand, EarthTonics is based out of Ojai, California. They intentionally craft to inspire self care while stimulating our skins innate healing intelligence. Founded by Holistic facialist and botanical skincare chef, Daron. She believed in helping people foster a nourishing relationship with their skin.

Everyday Oil

Using the absolute best organic and wild-harvested botanical oils, Everyday Oil is uniquely balancing, hydrating, cleansing and nourishing.  And it smells great too. One little bottle of goodness for all of your needs. The only one you want, the only one you need.

Evolve Together

Evolve Together's motto is "doing good. every day." These products are based off the idea that our daily essentials have an impact on our world. They make quality, earth-conscious daily essentials that smell and feel just as good as they look. Stamped with global coordinates on the packaging to remind us that we are all connected no matter race, gender, religion or where we live. 


Skincare line based out of California, born out of a desire to create natural products from powerhouse ingredients at an attainable price. They offer a range of products suitable for all skin types, especially those with highly sensitive skin. 


Flamingo Estate

The Flamingo Estate originates way back to the 1940s, located high atop the hills of Los Angeles, CA. They early on became known for their history of sharing wild alchemy of sun worshiping, folk mythology and psychedelic remedies with the community. They now continue to work with small farms all over the US, sourcing the best, most sustainable, ingredients possible for their products. 


GLŌAM is infused by a life of exploration, curiosity, and the natural world, by crafting candles that tell stories. GLŌAM is an old Scottish word that captures the last glimmer of light at the end of the day, twilight. Founded by Sigal, a multi-disciplinary artist and local to Santa Barbara who believes in the vitality of life and experiencing it with awakened senses.  

Ina Seifart

German design label, Ina Seifart brings creative accessories with a twist to our local Santa Barbara boutique. Each collection is based on 'objets trouvés’, which are vintage pieces that hold aesthetic value. These vintage materials are then transformed into modern, sustainable accessories with a unique twist. 


Koa is inspired by the Hawaiian spirit of connection and care. Celebrating the act of cultivating wild, native botanicals to create products that connect us to the natural world. Their products feature an amazing array of unique plants that are native to Hawaii.

Lauren's All Purpose

Lauren makes beautiful, organic, and all-natural body care that was designed to naturally nourish your skin and body back to life. Lauren originally created her earthy salve to heal her scars, without the use of harsh chemicals, keeping the ingredients simple and true. Soon after, the Original Salve was launched. She now has a small collection of products, each one contains only, pure, natural, and organic ingredients. 


A family owned business based out of Los Angeles,  Le Feu De L'Eau  honors their unique candle making process. Owners,  Wendy Polish and Jo Strettell create their handcrafted candles using a one-of-a-kind process invented by Wendy’s artist father back in the 60’s. The brand name translates to the Fire of the Water, inspired by this candle making technique. 

Living Libations

Living Libations makes beautiful natural and organic skincare that is designed to celebrate your beauty and bring forward a sense of excitement and revelry in your life. The colors and smells of their skincare products are inspired. All Living Libations products at Jake and Jones are as raw as possible, gluten-free, and vegan.

Maria Schoettler

Maria Schoettler is an artist and illustrator. Best known for her “Eat Local” produce calendar, a month-by-month guide to seasonal eating, which she has been imagining and reimagining each year since 2008. That project opened the way for a whole array of illustrated goods—note cards, prints, tea towels, and more—all of them little tributes to the beauty of natural world and a life more interconnected with nature and the seasons.

People I've Loved

Carissa Potter, creator of People I've Loved, has created space in the illustration and stationery community to help  bridge the gaps between people and forge authentic, sometimes difficult conversations. Hand-printed and assembled in an Oakland farmhouse studio, their products embrace the whole range of emotion with nostalgic thoughts on the past, buried longings and hopes for the future. 


Hand-crafted in Mohawk Valley, New York, Saipua, from the Finnish word saippua for soap, began its alluring journey in 1997. Each batch has since been delicately hand measured, poured, and placed in thoughtful packaging influenced by Sarah’s love for flowers. Saipua soaps contain 40-50 % of cold-pressed natural olive oil, producing an extraordinary moisturizer. The careful complexion of essential oils speaks for the all-natural fragrances that derive from the land.

Shun Cutlery

In Japan, the blade is more than a tool; it’s a tradition. From legendary samurai swords to the handcrafted culinary cutlery of today, the exquisite craftsmanship of Japanese blades is admired worldwide. Shun is a time—the exact moment when a fruit is perfectly ripe, a vegetable is at its best, or meat is at its most flavorful. The Shun name honors this tradition of seasonal, mindful eating and is a mark of their dedication to making kitchen cutlery that is always at the peak of its perfection, too.

Snow Peak 

In 1958, Snow Peak was founded by Yukio Yamai in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan. Snow Peak products and experiences create opportunities to reconnect with each other and the natural world, ultimately restoring part of the human spirit.


Surya Spa, based out of Santa Monica, CA is an Ayurvedic treatment center led by internationally acclaimed chef, doctor and nutritionist, Martha Soffer. She's known for her age-old wellness techniques based on the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. Her products are designed to bring profound relief to an over stressed nervous system, and restore balance and nourishment to your spirit. 

Winona Irene

Unique home goods and accessories designed in Los Angeles. Known for their cute and whimsical accessories designed by Winona.

Wonder Valley 

Wonder Valley makes health a priority with their certified extra virgin grade olive oil skincare that is designed to elevate and support internal health while healing the skin. This family owned and operated team prioritizes the health of their customers, the health of their employees and their environmental impacts over profits. 

Zizia Botanicals 

Zizia is an Los Angeles based herbal company founded by Abbe Findley. They create fun, easy formulas for the skin. Potent, pure and to the point, made for modern day humans. They source their ingredients from small farms, and use organic botanicals and base ingredients. We love Zizia's ethos of living a healthy lifestyle, in moderation.