Jake and Jones was born in Santa Barbara out of my need to create, to be inspired, and to form a community.

As a mom of two precious and fast growing boys, Jake and Jones, I felt my life was losing some creative energy. I wanted to reenter the world of fashion, style, fun and art that I had once known. I am inspired by my two guys and how their little bodies and brains soak up color, texture, feel, and how they delight in the creative world daily. As a mom, we give so much to our kids and to their ever-growing worlds that we sometimes forget about keeping our own world exciting and adventurous. I knew that I wanted to share with my kids a mom who was also curious about the world, delighted in new things, and willing to take risks. This store, this concept, has become a child of it’s own - a village of people working with me to help create an accessible and environmentally-responsible space where anyone can feel a sense of awe, excitement, and inspiration about life, colors, fabrics, and textures. And above all, create somewhere they can feel whole, good, and complete in their unique and beautiful bodies and in their unique and beautiful lives. Jake and Jones is a sustainably-curated Santa Barbara boutique that aims to support local emerging, small, and cult-favorite designers who have sustainable and eco-friendly practices and the people who adorn their designs. Jake and Jones is your approachable avenue to luxurious modern designer fashion.

xo, jen