An extension of the famed News Showroom this ready-to-wear line delivers timeless basics for the modern, forward woman. We love the slight edge and menswear feel in our Santa Barbara boutique. 

A Bronze Age

A brand committed to local manufacturing and timeless pieces that celebrate the modern woman. Made and designed in Vancouver, BC. We love the bright pop of fun that A Bronze Age brings to our Santa Barbara Boutique. 


Each unique piece is handmade and designed by Abby Carnevale in her Brooklyn, NY studio, where inspiration is drawn from fashion and film photography. A. Carnevale Jewelry is exceptionally known for it's vibrant and contrasting colors, exclusive textures, and distinctive shapes. Each handmade piece is celebrated for its own beautiful imperfection. 

Alex Mill

Alex Mill began as a men’s t-shirt line in NYC Then, a few years later with the addition of Somsack (former J.Crew and Madewell designer) and Alex’s dad, Millard Drexler, Alex Mill the full brand was born.  Alex Mill pieces are “timeless, not trendy,” and they hold a classic, simple, yet stylish quality while maintaining an affordable price point.  Alex Mill recently opened its first flagship store in Soho, NYC.  We love Alex Mill’s jumpsuits, classic tees and easy everyday basics.


Amiacalva is an ancient fish that survived for centuries without evolving. This concept of long-lasting, durable, and perfect style is what Amiacalva brings to their design. Their bags are functional and beautiful and will last. We are happy to curate these Amiacalva bags at Jake and Jones boutique in Santa Barbara, California. 


Seoul-based womenswear label representing timeless, classic, and effortless designs. Inspired by a minimalistic culture, organic shapes, and neutral palettes, Amomento was founded in 2016 by Lee Mee-Kung and is recognized for its everyday staples crafted from sustainable Japanese and Korean fabrics.

Atelier Delphine

Atelier Delphine is a conceptual line, designed by LA-based designer Yuka Izutsu, that embraces getting dressed in a way that is both elevated and comfortable.  All of her pieces have a sense of refinement that makes us feel unconventional, creative and part of fashion forward movement.  We look to Atelier Delphine for her mature, refined pieces as well as her elevated line of shoes.


Long-lasting, usable goods designed to reduce waste and function in your daily life. Baggu is based in San Francisco where they design all original prints for bags, masks, and more. 

B Sides

We found B Sides where they began: with vintage denim reworked into truly amazing pieces for an adventurous wardrobe. Their standout jeans are second to none but we equally love their affordable approach to classic USA-made denim. All cotton is milled by family-run operations who traditionally sell to workwear brands. It's denim done right. High quality, sustainably sourced, LA-made.


At any given time at Jake and Jones at least one member of our team is wearing a Baserange piece. That’s because they deliver what they promise: clean silhouettes, comfortable support, and everyday underwear or basics. Baserange prioritizes clean production and high quality fabrics and has one of the most innovative approaches to styling that we’ve seen in quite some time.


We like Batsheeva for the way the dresses make us feel. We love Batsheva for the ways they make us think. Designer Batsheva Hay has one of the best approaches to fashion today. She is constantly experimenting with traditional expressions of feminine restraint (high collars, skirt, etc.) and creating a space for women to dress themselves in opposition to those ideas. Not only do her pieces have a distinctive conceptual approach, they are sustainable, well-crafted, and make you feel and look good. 

Beatrice Valenzuela

Simple design from Beatrice Valenzuela's studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Beatrice Valenzuela strives for effortless clothing that fits in well with a lifestyle of travel, time with nature, and echoes the beauty of the natural world.  

Boudov Designs

Gemologist and jewelry designer Cindy Boudov, behind the eponymous brand Boudov, is inspired by travel, her love for the ocean, and her passion for keeping it clean. Handmade with ethically sourced gems and recycled metals. An eclectic, organic aesthetic with a modern twist. 

Botanica Workshop

An independent brand for organic and sustainably-made underwear and loungewear. All pieces are made locally in Los Angeles, California by artisans who specialize in small production runs. It's truly the best model when it comes to "slow fashion." 


Carleen is a Los Angeles-based womenswear collection designed by Kelsy Parkhouse, inspired by denim, quilts, Americana and nostalgia. Their aesthetically and functionally durable women’s clothing delights and inspires.

Carleen uses repurposed textiles as often as possible, both for their beauty and their more-gentle impact on our planet. Fabrics are made from natural fibers, including organic, recycled, and deadstock whenever possible.

We go to Carleen for vintage-inspired pieces that still feel durable and wearable for work, home and play.

Caron Callahan

Our favorite thing about Soho-based designer Caron Callahan is that she approaches fashion with zero pretension and 100% passion for wearable clothing. She aims to design fashionable pieces for the woman who doesn’t want to follow seasonal trends. It's cool as can be, and many of our Brooklyn friends are wearing her clothes.  Her iconic NOLITA store is a source of inspiration for us, with a cool, mellow and artsy vibe.  Her exceptional quality raises the level of her clothes and shoes making her pieces a sure statement and heirloom in your closet. 

Cog the Big Smoke

Instead of designing collection after collection like many large fashion brands, Cog the Big Smoke chooses to release new items slowly and focus on lifelong, versatile pieces. These functional but fashion-forward clothes are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. We are so happy to curate Cog the Big Smoke at our Santa Barbara Boutique. 


An ethical fashion brand designed in Spain by sisters Monica and Maria. All materials and suppliers are carefully selected and each garment is made in a small family factory in Spain. They design timeless garments to strive for a more sustainable world.

Dusen Dusen

A brand known for original prints and bright colors based in Brooklyn, NY.  Designer Ellen Van Dusen was raised in Washington, DC and resides in Brooklyn, NY. We look to Dusen Dusen for bold home goods and textiles. Curated at Jake and Jones Santa Barbara boutique.


Designed in Los Angeles and inspired by Matisse cutouts. All patterns are created by hand using paper cutouts in designer Paige's LA studio. We are so pleased to carry a selection of ELOI at our Santa Barbara boutique.

Fabiana Pigna

A Venezuelan fashion designer based in Los Angeles who creates sculptural, modern, and elegant pieces that are sophisticated and functional in the modern woman's wardrobe. We love the subtle details in each Fabiana Pigna piece. 

Girls of Dust

Girls of Dust is a womenswear brand based in Antwerp. Inspired by translating vintage workwear to contemporary cuts, Girls of Dust is easy to wear and as strong as the people who wear them. 

Crafted in Portugal with fabrics selected from Europe & Japan, G.o.D. is dedicated to bringing quality and durability that will stand the test of time.

Giu Giu

Welcome to the whimsical world of giu giu — joo - joo — the creative vision of Giuliana Leila Raggiani.  Giu giu is designed with playful humor and offbeat freedom in mind - an ageless, genderless brand born from a family history of design. 

The granddaughter of a designer and Boston store owner, Palmire Giglia, Giuliana launched her own brand in 2013. From the signature Nonna turtleneck to a range of all kinds of knitwear pieces, giu giu is the point where simplicity meets fun. 

Giu giu is produced and designed primarily in Guiliana's Los Angeles studio.

Henrik Vibskov

A collection designed by and named for Scandinavian designer Henrik Vibskov and focused on technology, the visual arts, and sustainability. Every piece is fun, whimsical, and wearable.

Ichi Antiquites

Ichi Antiquites is known for excellent textiles and elevated style. The Japanese design lends a level of sophistication with an easy comfort level. Ichi Antiquites uses traditional production methods lending a level of quality that means your pieces will last a lifetime and wear to become your own. 

It Is Well

Timeless, classic, simple pieces with a wear everyday mentality. These curated sustainable basics are made in California and donate 10% of proceeds to build wells for families that need fresh water. Every purchase is something you can wear for years that also helps to create a brighter future for families in need. Curated at our Santa Barbara boutique. 


Jungmaven’s slogan has always been “everything hemp by 2020.” This slogan is representative of Jungmaven designer Robert Jungmann’s mission to combat deforestation and climate change. The vision is simple, sustainable, long-lasting clothing that you can feel good in and feel good buying. We love carrying this sustainable line in our Santa Barbara store (the birthplace of Earth Day, one of Jungmaven's inspirations). 

Kapalina Jewelry

A fun but well-made piece of jewelry designed in Miami by Venezuelan-born designer Sabrina Gonzalez. These pieces are meant to be works of art that can be handed down and worn every day. 

L.F. Markey

L.F. Markey is a collection of modern, feminine women’s clothing by ex-Burberry designer, Louise Markey. They're known for using bold and bright fabrics to create contemporary variations of workwear staples. We love the collection's versatility - pieces that look as good as they feel. 

If you love L.F. Markey, you'll love Louise Markey's Victoriana-inspired collection, Meadows.

Mari Giudicelli

A shoe line that believes in treating the whole supply chain with respect, fair wages, and benefits and fits the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol. Mari Giudicelli's eponymous shoe line is committed to high quality that is made to last rather than be replaced. All shoes are produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a family-owned factory. 

Maria La Rosa Socks

A sock line designed with care at Maria La Rosa's family atelier in Milan, Italy where Maria's daughters Alice and Lisa have carried forward the family lineage. Each sock is expertly crafted and designed with long-lasting quality in mind.


Eponymous line with a clear eye for simplicity, elegance, and wearability. Martiniano prioritizes traditional craftsmanship and believed in celebrating natural materials. These shoes are designed to last and to wear for years to come. They epitomize the kind of slow fashion investment we prioritize at Jake and Jones.


Meadows is designed in Hackney, East London, by Australian born Louise Markey. It is a romantic and feminine collection inspired by Victoriana, prairie-style, and folklore.

They are committed to making clothes in a safe, ethical environment where working conditions are fair - in boutique-sized factories in China which are meticulously and consistently monitored. 

Mijeong Park

Laid-back, neutral-toned womenswear by eponymous Korean designer. All clothing is inspired by her home in LA and strives to capture the modern silhouettes and comfort that defines Los Angeles fashion.  

Micaela Greg

A San Francisco based knitwear line formed by two sisters, Marie and Karen Potesta, passionate about quality yarn and beautiful pieces. The collection is made of italian yarns and produced in California with a discerning eye for simple, yet interesting designs. Timeless design with quality that will last a lifetime.

MM6 Maison Margiela

A part of the luxury fashion design house Margiela, MM6 offers a fresh perspective on high fashion that’s conceptual but wearable. Quality, curated designs with a refined taste. 

Mondo Mondo

Started as just a t-shirt line in 2012, Mondo Mondo quickly grew to include jewelry and fragrances that are inspired by founder Natasha Ghosn's family history in Mexico City. Mondo Mondo is forward yet timeless. Curated at Jake and Jones Santa Barbara Boutique.

Nico Nico

A timeless, comfortable, and sustainably-made line for women and children. The playful and eco-friendly line is inspired by designer Sue Tsai's own son, Nico. It's durable and beautiful clothing made to be played in. 

Ninfa Handmade

Ninfa Handmade was born in 2017, designed by Agustina Diaz Galindez and focused on artisanal practices. All products are handmade by artisans and artists through the manipulation of different materials such as glass, metals, porcelain, and resin.

We love Ninfa Handmade for their playful designs that don't sacrifice sophistication. The collection is a fresh take on jewelry, it reminds us that getting dressed, and getting dressed up, should be fun. 

Nu Swim

A New York-based swimsuit line started in California on the ethos of sustainable, timeless pieces. All swimwear is made from recycled ocean waste and regenerated nylon and designed to last seasons over seasons.  


Inspired by the true balance between sharp geometry and soft organic form. Each malleable piece of metal takes the form of carefully hand-cut rare stones. Octave's jewelry is made to move freely within your movements — allowing each unique piece to sway and sparkle with each step. Made in Brooklyn, NY. Part of our 15 Percent Pledge to diversify our shelves.


Created by two new moms with a passion for understanding and supporting our bodies. Oddobody creates doctor-and-folk-wisdom approved 100% pima cotton underwear that are made sustainably in a woman-owned factory in Peru. Try Oddobody, you'll never go back to your old underwear again. 


Sophisticated, elegant, and occasionally formal. The German brand puts a new twist on traditional tailoring and fashions a modern-day atelier in their studio. We look to Odeeh for its refined silhouettes and brilliant patterns. Odeeh adds an sophisticated classic air to our curated Santa Barbara boutique.  

Pleats Please Issey Miyake:

Modern pleated styles for the everyday. These garments are light, wrinkle-proof, easy to travel with, and don't require dry cleaning. Conceptualized as a functional but elegant addition to your wardrobe that's just as beautiful and it is useful. We take care to curate the line at our Santa Barbara boutique. 

Paloma Wool

Designed in Barcelona and made almost entirely in Spain, Paloma Wool is a vibrant exploration of the fun of getting dressed. Pieces are whimsical and cool but versatile enough to fit any wardrobe. Plus all items are made sustainably - you really can’t lose. 

Rachel Antonoff

Eponymous designer with an eye for anything fun and sure to strike up a conversation. Rachel Antonoff lives and works in New York City and is one of our favorite emerging designers. Curated at Jake and Jones Santa Barbara boutique for sustainable fashion. 

Romualda Hats

Hand-painted, hand-crafted hats that are a work of art. Each hat is unique, different, and crafted with luxury, fun, and sustainability in mind. All materials are either upcycled, grown fair trade, or made from recycled ocean plastic. These hats are an investment made to last. 

Simon Miller

A playful take on classic Mid Century Los Angeles designed by Chelsea Hansford. Welcome to her world of color, texture, bold pieces, and the feel of classic Hollywood. Curated at Jake and Jones Santa Barbara boutique.

St. Agni

A "less is more" brand that believes in uniform, classic styles that are both elegant and easy to wear. The brand is from the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia and is known for quality. We are happy to curate St. Agni at our Santa Barbara boutique. 

Sultan Wash

A French clothing line that pays homage to traditional Brittany work clothes. The whole line is manufactured at the last local manufacturer of the region. The clothing is designed to be unique, wearable, and ever-so-french. Every piece is superbly made and will last in your closet as a staple for years to come.

Susan Alexandra

Each sustainable piece is handcrafted with intention and love in NYC. Designer, Susan Alexandra is known for her colorful, rainbow-hued beaded bags and hand-painted enamel jewelry. Her radiant jewelry will light up your face, while sugary-sweet, over-the-top handbags add sparkle to your entire outfit.  Every collection will give you a feeling of divine inspiration and creativity. With love from NYC. 

Talisman Fine Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry hand carved through traditional lost wax casting technique by Colorado native, Vanessa Barcus. 

TOL Eyewear

TOL eyewear is an Amsterdam based design studio with an international approach to eyewear and fashion that is overseen and embodied by founders and creatives Linda Tol and Marieke Meulendijks. All their works derives from a deep interest in fashion, contemporary art, interior, architecture and people. We love the unique details and quality.


A classic sneaker with an ethical twist. These shoes are a slow fashion staple. Designed in Paris and made in Brazil out of sustainable materials by employees who are well paid and treated. We think of Vejas as a go-to closet staple. Curated at our Santa Barbara boutique. 

Wol Hide

A Philadelphia-based knitwear brand created by Leah D’Ambrosio. All pieces are thoughtfully curated to be a wardrobe staple and are made with an uncompromising approach to sustainability. Wol Hide is either sustainably produced in Peru, made using recycled or dead stock yarn, or made of USA-grown cotton. They are pieces to live your life in.

Wal & Pai 

An LA-based footwear brand that believes in comfort, style, and pushing the boundaries. We are thrilled to curate Wal & Pai at Jake and Jones Boutique in Santa Barbara, California. 



Bobo Choses

One of our favorite boutique kids lines. Bobo Choses is a sustainable children’s clothing brand that celebrates kids for their creativity, their spunk, and hopes to inspire kids and adults alike to be funny and lighthearted. The team at Bobo Choses works in an old toy factory on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea and are inspired by local manufacturers. The collections are colorful, impeccably made, and ready to be handed down year after year.

January Moon

Mother, Artist, and Jewelry designer, Jennifer Luckett launched January Moon in 2016, inspired by her son, as he began teething and pulled apart her favorite necklace. Jennifer noticed a void in the market for kid-friendly, non-toxic accessories, so she applied her knowledge of motherhood, design, and art to create fashionable, high-quality teething accessories for children and parents. January Moon's adult and kid-friendly chewable accessories help keep your baby safe and favorite necklace safe, too. 


If you're looking for USA-made, sustainable cotton basics for your kiddos look no further than Mabo. The line is based in Salt Lake City, UT and committed to natural materials and simple, playful style. 

Misha & Puff

Founded by Anna Wallack and inspired by the knitwear she made for her own son. She started to sense a gap in the market for sustainable, adorable, and well-made knitwear for kids. Slow fashion made sustainably and built to last. 

Munster Kids

Munster Kids, founded in Sydney, Australia, is our go-to for children's lifestyle clothing.

Created from a love of youth culture, Munster Kids designs clothing for all kids, known for their swimwear, and denim, the brand's clothing shows a love of surf, skate, and street culture


An exploration of vintage charm and unique dress-up style. This line is a spin-off of the ever-so-popular Rylee + Cru. 


Designed by a family in Brooklyn with Parisian roots, Oeuf is a family-run business that believes in great design and sustainability. The quality of their modern, and yet classic, children's and baby clothes are unparalleled. Take a page out of designer Sophie's book and pass these heirlooms down from kid to kid and from family to family. 

Quincy Mae

An organic and sustainable baby brand brought to you by the designers of Rylee + Cru. Quincy Mae specializes in minimal prints and soft fabrics aiming to make dressing your baby simple. 

Rylee + Cru

A modern, easy-to-wear, collection for a child who loves to play and a family that loves timeless, well-made basics. Rylee + Cru is an adventure in muted tones and beautiful patterns. 

Soor Ploom

A Brooklyn-based children's clothing line with an eye for fine materials and patterns. All clothing is inspired by a passion for quality over quantity, slow fashion, and sustainable choices.



Bee's Wrap

They shape intentional habits without compromise for people, our core purpose, and the planet. Bee’s Wrap® is committed to using their business as a vehicle for social change, bettering the lives of our customers, employees, community, and planet.

Cleban and Daughters

Sisters Liana and Roxane spent their summers playing in their grandfather's apothecary in Amsterdam and draw upon that experience every day of their life. Liana pursued a path in herbalism and formulates each natural recipe and Roxane pursed a path in retail and operations. Together they have grown Cleban & Daughters into the natural apothecary it is now. 

Cognitive Function

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest and a desire to turn back to our roots. Cognitive Function prioritizes clean ingredients, transparency, and bringing a little more clarity to our lives. We are happy to curate Cognitive Function in our modern apothecary section of our Santa Barbara boutique. 

Dame Products

Mechanical engineer, Janet Lieberman, and sexologist, Alexandra Fine, set out to close the pleasure gap between men and women. By creating a design-forward, sexual wellness brand made with function and form in mind. Every product is designed using feedback from a community, ensuring that each product is approachable and functional. 

D.S. & Durga

Curators of scents that are designed to conjure up the unseen world. The perfumes and candles are narratives of days and are truly works of art. Everything is made in New York.

Daughter of The Land

Thoughtful, multi-functional organic skincare. Created around the idea that one single ingredient can be highly-effective, without compromising our bodies or the environment. Beautifully packaged in biodegradable and recycled materials. By sourcing organic, fair-trade food-grade ingredients, the brand can take care of the planet and our skin — one natural ingredient at a time.

Fat and the Moon

Continuing a family legacy of herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon founder Rachel Budde has built her company around providing handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products. 

Flowerhead Tea

A woman-owned and operated business out of Oakland, California with a commitment to small-batch production, herbal wellness, and supporting slowing down with a fresh cup of tea. Flowerhead Tea is committed to encouraging a life-giving ritual in your day. Flowerhead Tea is a key part of our natural wellness ritual, and the packaging doesn't hurt either. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself.

Freedom Apothecary

A black-owned business with a commitment to holistic wellness, non-toxic products, and self-care. They believe in community spaces and caring for each other. We are excited to bring this holistic beauty line into our shop. 

Gary Bodker

A handmade glassmaker in Portland, Oregon. Little treasures to help elevate your home and encourage you to find the beauty in all the small moments. 

Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Inspired by the winters in Brooklyn, architecture, playful designs, and vibrant colors, Artist Jesse Levison launched Gold Teeth Brooklyn. Made in small batches and printed on cotton rag paper.

High Sun Low Moon

The line was inspired by the pursuit of natural beauty products during High Sun Low Moon's founder's pregnancy. All products are crafted from sustainable, healing plants and formulated to become a part of your daily rituals. 


Kinfield was inspired when founder Nichole Powell realized that the products she brought into the wilderness were the same ones she had grown up using and there were no clean alternatives to turn to. All Kinfield formulas are proudly free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances and are vegan and cruelty-free. You'll love these plant-based products for time spent outdoors. 

Living Libations

Living Libations makes beautiful natural and organic skincare that is designed to celebrate your beauty and bring forward a sense of excitement and revelry in your life. The colors and smells of their skincare products are inspired. All Living Libations products at Jake and Jones are as raw as possible, gluten-free, and vegan.