Saying Goodbye And Saying Hello. The Next Chapter.

Lauren and I met on the tennis courts. I was very pregnant with my second and she was still in college.  I was a scrappy amateur and she a college, training professional. With persistence I convinced her to hit with me, the very pregnant and very persistent lady.  Lauren has always impressed me—she is an amazing tennis player—strong and yet graceful—she is funny, she is very smart…the kind of smart that is beyond what most of us know as smart—she sees the world not with judgment but with curiosity and interest and she works hard - the kind of hard that’s hard to find these days. I asked Lauren to join the store in a moment of panic, when I realized that entering PO’s and inventory takes a lot of work…like a lot, a lot, a lot of work. What began as 8 hours of inventory per week quickly turned into a full time, store manager position that both she and I learned as we went, because neither of us had done this before. Together we traveled to market, we laughed our tails off many a times, sometimes in pure frustration and sometimes because you just have to step back and laugh. Together, we have made the store what it is today and she has gone above and beyond for me, for you and for what has become this great place we call Jake and Jones. So, it is of course with sadness because we will miss Lauren and also a whole lot of happiness to announce Lauren’s departure from the store. I have always known this day would come as Lauren belongs in the sun on the tennis court. Here’s to the next chapter! From all of us Lauren, I wish you the best, I thank you for all your love, your hard work, your sense of humor and all you have given to me, the store, my kiddos and of course, the geez. Now, go kick some butt so we can all go to Roland Garros and sip champagne while we watch you win, win, win.  

Stop by the store this week to say bye or email Lauren your farewell love: And if you play tennis or want to play tennis, sign up with her for some kick-butt lessons before she fills up. Here’s to loving on our employees, our employees loving on us and making happy, healthy and productive work families. 

With the deepest of gratitude,