The Rose Story

We get caught in life—the moving, the needing, the wanting…we all do it. I do it, you do it. I might do it more, you might do it more. But we all do it and it seems to be part of the human life we all are living. The more, more, more…the need, need, need. And then we, either by choice or happenstance, get pushed out of this mode. We slow, we pause, we smell the roses. We put down the complaining and the needing and we look up and we engage in what is right in front of our noses. And this time it was ROSES. The Jake and Jones social media and photography team spent a Friday shooting in this magical land of roses called Rose Story Farm, created by Dani Hahn—master Rose grower, exceptional tennis player, and friend of mine. Dani was one of the first women to support my efforts in creating this store, for moving forward in life both business and personal and for going for what I believed to be true in my heart. She is also one of the first women to offer, with such open kindness, her most gorgeous and magical land of roses as the backdrop to our magical photoshoot. Thank you Dani and Patti for your generosity. Take a look at these photos, this inspiring landscape, and as always come shop with us.

In gratitude,