New In: Manoush

Spring has sprung at Jake and Jones. We are getting in boxes and boxes of new arrivals. And one of my most favorites has arrived. Last Fall, when I was buying Spring collections, I decided to go to Paris—mostly to look, not to buy, but to look. And of course I ended up doing a lot of buying. I wanted to put myself in the middle of the fashion world, to surround myself at the center of it all. I thought for sure Paris would inspire me. And it did. 

Between meeting with various designers and lines, I stumbled into a shop— was caught by the windows. It was fun, warm and there were a lot of bright colors. I spent hours trying on everything. It started with me pulling out pieces that I loved and then quickly the sales woman, who was kind and so helpful, started to help me. She showed me outfits, pieces, photos of looks and soon my dressing room was full of options. I learned in this store how important it is to have sales associates who are kind, humble and very in love with the clothing they are selling. This to me is a cornerstone of who we are at Jake and Jones. 

As I was dwindling down my pile of clothes, in walked a Japanese actress and a camera crew. She was also kind and fun and we both emerged from the dressing room in the same pants. Me—5 feet 8, her just under 5 feet—wearing the same gorgeous pants, cropped on me, long on her. It was a sight and I knew this was my new favorite line.

We welcome Manoush as our newest brand to be introduced to Jake and Jones.  Manoush is feminine, flirty and bold. My most hip, fashion forward friend loves this line—she and I were like 12 year old girls when we looked through this Spring collection. The price point is higher and the value is as well. That’s what the Parisians do best—they up your game and your closet and make you feel alive and pretty in what you are wearing.  

Come on in, don’t be shy. As always, I am happy to walk you through the line and, just like their sales associate, make you feel comfortable and share my love of the clothes with you.

With love and a big dose of Parisian flirt,