Like Minded — Like Hearted

Meeting Lucy and Mary Firestone was a moment for me - it made me feel that the store was on track. I always envisioned Jake and Jones being a place where community of like minded and like hearted people would gather. I imagined the store full of women who embodied this vision of “the well traveled, ever curious woman,” and these two absolutely do. When they introduced to me their work - first their glorious retreats and then to their perfume, The First, I was impressed with many parts of it. I appreciate products that tell a story - that are more than just a product. As they write, "The First is a reminder that fragrance can awaken the spirit, stir the soul, and help women tap into their inner guide thereby living life to the fullest.”

I have the small travel size perfume and I carry it in my car - I spray it to remind me of my own creative mission and to inspire in me that feeling of curiosity and wander. It is earthy, feminine and so many women respond to the scent and the story.

So come join me and the Firestone sisters for a “Sip and Spritz” in store this Thursday, February 7th. Kunin Wines will be pouring their lovely wines. This is a perfect time to shop for yourself or someone you love for Valentine’s Day. And guys, this is a perfect gift with some chocolate for your love.

Like Minded, Like Hearted - come spend time,