Happy International Women's Day.

I grew up in a home where women were celebrated as equals. I went to a school where girls were taught to be just as powerful, in command and to have the same opportunities as men. But when I left home, my little sanctuary of what I always thought was “normal,” I was hit by the larger world, college and people who didn’t think or act the same way. I ran into stereotypes, sexism and right out inequality. To me, this was shocking, but now I feel it is part of my responsibility in this world to always be working towards creating equality. I feel so honored to work with any companies that are all women run. I love coming to work and working with other women co-workers who inspire me daily and who I support their work, vision and creativity in this world. I also feel beyond grateful to work with men who get this, and to be surrounded by men who are in awe of the work that we women are doing and who work side by side in equality and in support.   

To me, this is small compared to the larger injustices and inequalities going on for women worldwide. Fashion is an industry where there are definite inequalities and where women are treated poorly. We are proud to carry lines that turn towards these issues and work hard to create solutions and jobs.

Sometimes we hear customers in our store wonder why the prices of our clothing can be so high. I want to help educate the consumer world. That just as your food is organic and people are paid fairly for their work, so too in the fashion world. All of our clothes are somehow made by people or in factories. The extra dollars you spend are for quality and equality, for paying people fairly and for using materials that won’t be toxic to the people who are cutting, sewing, dyeing them or toxic to our rivers, streams and oceans. Most of these people are women.  

The cornerstone, the foundation, of this store is with that in mind. Thank you to Carolina K, to Mara Hoffman, to Ace and Jig, to 31 Bits, and to Tribe and Glory for empowering women, for shining the light were most of us are too scared to look and for all of our brave customers who can see the value in the work of these amazing companies. Thank you to Katherine Rogers, my store manager, Jordyn Druary, my lead sales associate, Alex Foskey, my insanely talented window worker and sales associate, Natalie McCoy, my visual merchandiser, Brina Carey, my graphic designer, Kelly Sweda, my photographer, Madeleine Foster, my social media coordinator and to all the fantastic women who run showrooms, who represent these gorgeous lines so humbly and who also shed light where light is needed. 

I bow down.