Meet Jenna

"Style is a way to express yourself, all that matters is how you FEEL in it."

Getting dressed has always been something that I looked forward to. From picking outfits out for the entire first week of school to planning what I would wear to my first day at work the night before.

I was born in Bend, Oregon, and moved to Santa Barbara, CA mid-high school, so I guess you could say that dressing for polar opposite climates was a fun challenge — I learned how important layering is, especially as I moved to NYC to attend college at FIT.

No matter where you are, always want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Any dress by Eka that I put on makes me feel 100% myself. The intricate details, the sustainable linen, and the handcrafted designs are unique and functioning for everyday style. 

Putting together different prints, colors, textures, and silhouettes is a form of art. 

I'm forever grateful for my parents and how they supported me throughout all my phases (punk, ski bum, hippie, you name it) because they knew it was how I expressed myself. I used to tell myself I wasn’t creative because I couldn't draw, paint, sew, or really do anything with my hands, but after living in New York, I finally realized this was my creative outlet.

After countless internships in the Fashion and PR industry, I decided it was really time to push myself creatively to a whole new level and bought myself a film camera. 
I love the Lillian Dress by Whit because it plays with geometric shapes, bright colors, a relaxed silhouette, and it's creative! It falls perfectly on my 5’3 figure and pairs well with kitten heels or my favorite sneakers. 

My number one tip when it comes to styling an outfit is to dress for yourself and no one else.

I love finding pieces that connect with me — pieces that feel personal. This hand-embroidered skirt by Mii with reminds me of childhood and how my mother always reminds me to stop and smell the flowers. Not only does it make me feel happy, but it is also handcrafted using 100% cotton, allowing you to move and groove. 

I moved back to Santa Barbara in September, on one condition: I had to find a job that pushed me to learn all the things I told myself I would learn but got too nervous to try. A company that shared the same interest and values as I do in the fashion industry. I wanted to work at Jake and Jones because of their passion for unique, sustainable and innovative brands that all tell a story. I was drawn to the beautiful, curated racks of clothes that held stories from Peru, Paris, India, and New York. I knew that I would need to learn a lot, but as I promised myself, I needed to push myself, while staying true to my values. 
I am now the Website and Social Media Content Coordinator at Jake and Jones! 
 I am still learning and will always stay curious. 

I am looking forward to meeting you all in appointments in-store or virtually!

If you'd like to learn a little more about me, click here > 

Connect with me at if you have any styling questions or if you just want to chat! 

MEET JENNA from Jenna R on Vimeo.