Fitting In: B Sides

There is nothing better than slipping on a jean that easily fits and feels good.  We want to feel good, not just look good.  This idea of fitting in extends beyond our jeans, it is a metaphor for how we go about our daily lives.  So many lessons come from letting go of the tugging, pulling, trying to fit in and stepping into what is comfortable, easy and natural.  When you let go of the wanting to fit in, you start to fit in.
And so in the spirit of fit and fitting in, I am writing about my new favorite denim line, B Sides.  It fits great and it is not your typical premium denim line, but a more art driven, curated line designed in NYC by two women, Stacy and Claire, and produced in LA.  I knew Stacy got it when we talked about our love for soccer and sports, how we are tomboys at heart working in the fashion world.  We both get and appreciate the more laid back and relaxed feel of jeans, with a love for washes, vintage denim and comfort. 

A Guide to the B Sides

The Arts

This is their classic entry jean.  It is tapered, has no stretch and fits perfectly up on your hip.  I sized down in this one because it has a nice give.  This is my go-to staple.  An easy throw on to grab the kids, I love it with a sneaker and crop tee or baggy sweater.

The Georgia

This jean is for those who are ready to up their denim game and wear the oversized, loose and baggy jean.  The wash is great.  This is my throw on jeans for errands, walks on the beach and when I want comfort.  Definitely size down in this one, it has a give that is great. 

The Plein

I have never been a white jeans girl, but I do love this ivory - it is subtle, soft and feels sun kissed.  It is lightweight, perfect for year round in Cali or great for a Summer and Spring Jean in cooler climates.  The fit is my favorite.  It sits naturally on the waist in a relaxed way and lets the legs run easily.  Sizing here is normal.  If you feel in between, go down a size as these jeans comfortably ease.

The Plein with Patchwork

This is my favorite jean of the season.  It is the most beautiful ivory color, the same as the Plein with a natural waistline and a relaxed fit and with the vintage patchwork detail.  Each one is one of a kind, hence the uptick in pricing. 

The Lasso

The bow legged lasso is my favorite fashion jean of the season.  I love that this style is on trend and we will continue to have this style for seasons to come.  It is slightly oversized and for those who can confidently rock the look.  This denim, similar to the Plein is soft and feels so good on the body. 

The Marcel

Here is your perfectly ripped, but not overly ripped denim in a classic wash.  Nothing screams Fall like this mid rinse denim, a pair of sneakers and a soft cozy sweater.  These jeans are also soft, hug and sit nicely on the mid rise of your hip.  A cute crop tee will show a little bit of belly but these are really your everyday rise meant to be worn with an easy blouse or mid length tee.

Ok, so happy denim days, and as always let us know if you have any questions.