Since shutdown, I have been traveling still through my mind and through the collections of clothing that have come from other parts of the world.  Last week, a package arrived from India and between the writing and the way it was wrapped it transported me to India.  When I was 25 I spent 6 weeks traveling through India, part with my mom in the north and part on my own in the south to study yoga.

Eka is our newest addition to Jake & Jones and the colors, the attention to detail, the lightness of the fabric…if I close my eyes long enough it is like I am sitting with my friends in our home in India with the seamstress taking our measurements for our clothes to be made.  

Each of these pieces has hand painted details, like the buttoning or intricate lace.

They are special, statements, pieces to be worn over and over again - and to be worn so we can travel in our minds and in our bodies to the magical places, like India.