Wild and Precious

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

This has been a powerful week. We had a full blood moon eclipse, MLK Day and beloved poet, Mary Oliver died. I have been thinking of each of these events individually and together. Mary Oliver was a poet I read in college, someone I studied and someone whose poetry is accessible. She was full of amazement and curiosity of the world, putting her study of it down on paper. MLK was a childhood hero of mine. In school when I would hear recordings of his speeches I would get chills in my body - someone who really shook our world and opened a dialogue, created action and spoke UP about injustice and devoted his life to creating a most necessary change. And the full moon eclipse is another moment when nature begs us to stop, to take a moment and look UP in awe, to pause and look at the sky, the unknown, the world beyond ours and to be reminded of our humble place and the magnificence of the natural world - the wild world that we are part of.
It is a practice to pause and ask, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

It is totally wild in this day to live an inspired life, to move away from comfort and norms and step into places of honesty and creativity. I find that in the store we get to witness women doing just this - stepping into the wildness and the preciousness of life. We see them growing, learning and creating and we also witness the opposite - women feeling stuck, alone, afraid. It is all normal, the ebb and flow, but there is nothing more powerful than a woman taking to her wild and precious life fearlessly and with great hope and belief.

Thank you to MLK and Mary Oliver and all those who push us to live fearlessly, with great curiosity, hope and belief - we need you now more than ever.

With love and great wildness.