I am back in office so I want to officially say “Happy New Year!”  As we roll onward into 2019, I have had many swirling thoughts and ideas in mind about this year ahead.  It feels like a big one, an exciting one - so here we go...

For this year, the focus is on doing what I love - for my choices to come from a place of love and want, rather than fear and uncertainty.  For the store, that means working with companies and bringing in product that aligns with my core beliefs - welcoming in more sustainable focused fashion, companies that I believe in the positive messaging behind the clothing and brand, brands that create quality products and aren’t wasteful in their resources, and of course, goods that makes people feel great and inspired and part of something bigger than simply shopping.  I want not only for me but for you to feel that what you buy has value - not only because it is outwardly beautiful, but also because it is helping to make a more beautiful world and therefore makes you feel more beautiful on the inside.  

2019 for me is all about conscious choice and expansion - focusing and choosing only what we truly want and allowing the rest to fall gently to the side - it is just as much about standing up for what we believe in and being activists in our worlds and communities, saying YES to what feels good and also about knowing when to kindly say, “No, thank you.”  So with that, look out for new brands to be coming in with many of the same ones we already love.  Look for the store to transform from the dark winter days to brighter patterns and color for Pre-Spring collections and Summer not too far behind.  

I am excited for you 2019.  I think we are gonna be fast friends.