We're In This Together

Dear Jake and Jones Community,

In light of the Coronavirus, we are closing our storefront as of today, March 15th.  We will reopen when we feel our employees and community are safe to interact with one another.

In the meantime, you can shop online with us at jakeandjones.com and you can email me at jen@jakeandjones.com or Katherine Rogers, our Store Manager, at katherine@jakeandjones.com.

Things are changing quickly and we are following the CDC and the top scientists and immunologists on their recommendations to socially distance.  I plan to pay my employees during this time, as well as the usual bills, inventory and all, so please do support us wether it’s shopping online, buying a gift card or coming in when we reopen.

Let’s be smart and community oriented, while you may not be directly effected by the virus, there are so many ways in which people you will come in contact can be.  It’s a we thing, not a me thing.  And don’t forget about the number of health care workers and hospital staff that will be inundated from the spread of this virus.

Here is a great article a friend sent me this morning >

Wishing everyone well,