Two Years Old

I opened Jake and Jones two years ago on my Nana’s Birthday, October 12th.  So much has happened in two years. It is hard to pause and step back - to look at the successes and accomplishments.  I am always working on the business, wanting to make things better. The anniversary gives me a moment to reflect on all that has happened in two years.  I am thinking of all the people who have worked on this store, who have their hands and their hearts in it. I often wander around thinking about how crazy it is that a store so small takes so much work and so much greatness can come out of it.  

Year two was about grounding - we became operationally sound, finding the right staff, finding a schedule that works for everyone.  We spent a lot of energy on tightening our buys, being more focused on designers we love and getting the store more and more curated.  It was about stepping into some new territories like the Ever Curious Series and pushing myself to become more public and outspoken as a woman business owner.  I think in retrospect this year was also the beginning of me accepting the natural ebb and flow of business and learning to let go and defining what success means in a multitude of ways.  

I read an article recently that said in 2019, 12,000 retailers will close their doors.  The article went on to say the reason this is happening is because more and more people are shopping primarily online.   

This Summer after watching a really sad and funny John Oliver Episode about Amazon, I decided I was no longer going to shop primarily online.  My kids really hated this, but I find it kind of freeing. I find that I get to support the people I want to, I buy a hell of a lot less, and I get to know more of my local stores.  When it was time to go back-to-school shopping - we did it all here in Santa Barbara at Office Depot, Foot Locker, Gap, Chicken Little and of course, Jake and Jones. So many teachers sent out amazon wish lists and while I tried to not be judgmental, I think we should as a community try to keep our retail doors open and instead of buying pencils online, we can choose to buy them down the street with our kids walking aisles and doing the work with us.  My kids and I had the best time shopping - we ran into friends from school (which made me SO happy) and we bought amazing shoes in particular from Foot Locker - who would have known?  

I want stores to stay open - I really believe in the power of personal connection - how we get happier by interacting.  I also really believe that if there is one really easy way to be more environmentally conscious it is to not shop primarily online - there are so many easy ways (buy sustainable brands, buy less, eat less meat, use reusable cups - something I am also working on being better at) and this is also one of them.  My kids ask me all the time to buy them things online still, they say “just click mom” and I simply say no. Instead, I ask them to find a place in town where we can buy it and then we make a date to go get it. It’s not an absolute, but it is something we are trying when we can.   

This year we are focused on creating more content, writing more articles, expanding the ever curious series.  We are focusing on creating jobs, upping our community role, creating a place for people to come and feel part of.  

Thank you to all the people who have supported our store, who have said YES to all the ideas and work we have done and who inspire us to keep doing more work.  We are so excited for year 3, for all the amazing designers we are meeting and to keep being a place for you to come in community. And the biggest thank you to my staff, who shows up everyday and adds the depth that makes this store fantastic

Happy 2!


 Come shop with us this Saturday, October 12th and celebrate our 2 year anniversary!  The first 20 people through the door will receive 20% off one full priced item. You must use the password: Happy Two!