Ever Curious: Smaranda Lawrie

Hi Friends!

Join me tonight for an incredible conversation I will be having with Smaranda Lawrie, a researcher and teacher of Positive Psychology.

Growing up as a refugee, fleeing communist Romania and then living as an immigrant, Smaranda provides a perspective into happiness, childhood, parenting that is invaluable.  As a mom of two, we will talk about raising resilient and content kids and how we can easily fall into the mishaps of sheltering our kids and what that can or cannot do to their growth.  Listen as she shares her childhood stories, stories of her own parents resiliency, her take on immigrants and how she now navigates being a parent of two here in Santa Barbara.

Smaranda has just returned from a research trip to Denmark where she digs deep into why this and other Scandinavian countries are know for their high levels of happiness.  This conversation around finding our purpose, what we are good at, what we can contribute to our worlds, our families and how we can wake up each day feeling purposeful and how we can float through the days when we don’t to me is the cornerstone to mental health and well being.

If you want to feel inspired, to gain a new perspective and to learn some tools - come tonight, 5-7PM, at Jake and Jones: 136 E. Canon Perdido St. SB, CA and join me in this ever important conversation.  

Ever curious,