Transitions and Meteors

Sunday night I stayed up to watch a few meteors cross the sky. I caught just a few before my tired self called it a night. But it was enough time that it got me thinking of time and space, and transitions of time and space. We move about in these patterns—seasons, days, years, lifetimes and the moments between these moments—the days getting darker, the ocean water hitting it’s highest temperatures, the school year approaching. These are the signs of transition, of fall coming, summer ending and another season moving by us. The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event—something we can also mark in transitions between one moment and the next. We are so lucky to see the night display and yet I can’t remember the last time I paused to watch this amazing annual event. The store feels the same way these days. We are watching summer close and fall begin. The feeling is both one of relief for respite from the hot and bright summer sun and also a nostalgia and wanting for a continuation of warm and carefree summer nights.

My favorite transitional pieces into fall are Innika Choo’s unique, hand crafted linen pieces from her collection called, “The Night Garden.” They are heavy enough for cooler temps and light enough for warmer days. They are girlie and maturely feminine at the same time—a perfect balance to the kind of mood I am feeling, still young enough to play in the white water of the ocean and old enough to know how time is preciously passing me by.  Before we know it the store will fully transition to fall, to warm jackets, cozy sweaters and all the accessories to move you into the cooler weather. For now, these last few weeks, come shop the transition—the moving of summertime into falltime.

From one star gazer to the next,
Jen ✧