Introducing SLVRLAKE Denim

Denim. Denim. Denim. I am beyond excited to introduce our newest addition to the store, SLVRLAKE Denim. We met SLVRLAKE in LA during a rather exhausting day when I was feeling deflated in the denim world. I was feeling like my world was shrinking, options were limited and there was not a brand that felt fresh and inspiring. I was soul searching—searching for a brand that fit my values and aesthetic and I was starting to get grumpy. And then, we met Louise. She stood among these jeans that were original, crafted and curated. She is a petite woman and had an adorable baby bump and she was kind, humble and her brand spoke for itself. We couldn’t stop touching the fabric, playing with the shapes and discovering something different.

It has been a dream to work with this company. They are on time, polite, professional and they are purposeful in their product. In the world of fashion and brand identity it can feel awfully soul sucking, but this one feels soul enlightening. 

This husband and wife team, Louise and Gary, are not new to the denim world, both with strong backgrounds in the field had felt like “premium” denim was losing validation and the two got focused and created SLVRLAKE Denim. The vibe is vintage meets luxury. Think Santa Barbara. It’s the worn in, feels good meets a smart and sophisticated type. They are made to be worn with a simple tee shirt and some kicks. As a wise friend once told me, soul mates come in all forms, shapes and sizes and when we ask, they come. They have come.  

I am a denim lover so if you need help and want me to fit you, email me and I will meet you in the store and we can get you fit and feeling good.