Spring Refresh

Growing up on the East Coast, I knew Spring was here because everyone took their unsunned feet out of their very cozy boots and slipped them into flip flops.  We traded ice storms and dead trees for cherry blossoms and thunderstorms. Here, in sunny Santa Barbara, we trade sun filled, crisp winter days for fogged in mornings as we cozy in layers awaiting the fog to burn off.  And so the store reflects this unique central coast feel - a tease to want to slip into sun dresses and still the need for a cozy sweater to tag along. Our kids are still in school for a few more months as we scout and sign them up for summer camps. I am feeling the excitement of longer days, sun kissed tans and warmer nights out.  

Come visit us in store and try on our latest spring styles or shop with us online.

As always, stay curious...