Coming Together

There is something beautiful about a team of women coming together. I always knew that I would work on a team. It's what I loved most about playing soccer and basketball growing up, it's what I love most about being a mom and my family, it's what I missed most about not working, and it's what I am loving most about what's becoming at Jake and Jones. We are organically forming a tribe of unbelievable women and the energy and excitement is palpable.  Let me introduce to you one of them: Natalie McCoy. Natalie is a long time Santa Barbara resident and well-established stylist. She will be in charge of our styling as well as planning special events, such as this week's. On Wednesday, April 18th we will be celebrating Earth Day by making little seed packages for you and your little ones to take home and plant. We are building a Summer Calendar of Events not to be missed, from private pool parties to in-store trunk shows. And we are now offering in-store styling appointments. Styling appointments are a great way to build your wardrobe, finally find the right fit of jeans, learn more about designers and trends, and just a great way to focus on you:) For styling appointments or private events, please contact Natalie and we can get you set up.

Hope to see you in the store and having FUN.