Hi Friends,

So much change is happening and so quickly.  I am for sure living the ups and downs, moments of stillness and moments of panic.  

Many of my friends and many people across the world are in a dire economic state and it feels like an odd time to be shopping for clothing, or luxury goods yet alone for lattes, groceries and those other essentials.  It definitely begs me to ask myself what is essential?  And what I have discovered is that it is not necessarily the goods we are selling that are essential, but more importantly, it is the community we are building, the space that celebrates designers, creativity, stories, women, body friendliness and all that goes on in the shop and between us and then it dawned on me that all of that still lives during this time.  

This is one thing I want to share with you during this time - the greatest way you can support us right now does not come down to spending money, but rather by ways that can also help us expand our reach - tagging us in your posts, signing up for our newsletters, cross promoting our store with other like minded businesses.

Thank you to all who are ordering from us online, who are buying gift cards, even the $10 gift card goes a long way and means just as much to us when we receive it.   If you do have the means to support us right now, that is great and so fortunate and we ask you to keep shopping with us. Our entire site is 20% off with various flash sales going on. 

Here is a list of local businesses I have supported during this time:

Let us know how we can support you - and please take a minute and tag a friend, ask them to check out our site, share photos of our goods.

Thank you for your S U P P O R T.