Pre-Mother's Day In-Store Party

When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of all the things my mom gave to me and I think of all the motherly things I want to give to my kids. And I think of my friends who are mothers and how tired they are and also how big they love their children and I am in awe of them. And I think of my friends who aren’t mothers of human children, but who are motherly in some of the most beautiful ways that I consider them to be mothers as well. I also think of what I first imagined this store and this space to be and I think of all these amazing, strong, beautiful women in my life. And so I decided to do two things: I sat down and I wrote a letter to my mom, which I highly recommend doing and second, I decided to throw a FANTASTIC party for all of my friends and all the amazing women who have come to shop our store—because you deserve a throw-down, fun, meaningful night with other incredible ladies where we can celebrate all that is motherly and womanly and feminine and beautifully divine.  

Come celebrate with me,