We all live this human life. No matter how beautiful our instagram feed, how lengthy our facebook pages, how gorgeous our homes or our clothes or our sweethearts…we are all human and in that we all move through the rainbow of feelings that come with being human. If not within us, we have probably witnessed a friend move through a tough time in their lives, we have all witnessed a community crushed with natural catastrophe. For most of us we have resources, family, friends to help us through. But for so many, they don’t

When opening Jake and Jones, I knew we as a business would have a philanthropic bent. How can you not these days? There is so much need and so much to give that it only made sense.  I come from a family of givers—we are the first to invite someone in, the first to open our check books and the first to make sure others are taken care of—it’s in our DNA.

That is why each month I partner with a local non-for profit organization in town and we give a percentage of the sales to them. It’s awesome. I get to meet amazing community members who spend their time in such valuable ways—and these people are fulfilled in a way I hope many more could be.  

This month, we are partnering with The Glendon Association and PsychAlive. Glendon’s mission is “to save lives and enhance mental health by addressing the social problems of suicide, violence, child abuse and troubled interpersonal relationships.”  

On Thursday, May 3rd from 5-7PM, we will be having some light bites and refreshments and hosting the Glendon and PsychAlive community as we kick off the month of May and celebrate their work in our community.  

So, come and join me, The Glendon and PsychAlive community and know that part of your sales will help someone get the help they need.

In community and in giving,