Front Door Appointments

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We are safely moving into the next phase with the announcement of Store Door Appointments.  We welcome you to sign up with us online here for a “Store Door Appointment.”  WE are just as eager and wanting to get back into in-store shopping and with the guidance of the CDC and State regulations we see this as the best option for us at this time.

Here is how it works:
  1. Sign up here for an appointment >  Spaces are limited, so sign up ahead of time.
  2. Come to our store wearing your mask.
  3. We will pull items for you.  If you look at our website, we can also prepare items for you and have them ready for your appointment.
  4. Take home up to 5 items with your credit card down.
  5. Also, shop our sale rack while at the store - we will have a rack with up to 75% off items on it.  All sale rack items will be final sale at time of your appointment.
  6. We have a strict $20 cancellation fee.  
Happy Shopping.
Jen and The Jake & Jones Team