Vote Vote Vote


Ok, friends, the time is really upon us.  I know we have been posting, storying, talking about this for what seems like a long time, but we are here and the finish line is fast approaching.  If you have not already, we encourage you to vote.  This is a time that I hope to look back on and feel proud to stand on the side of history that stood up for women rights, people of color, families at the border, our precious environment and our country’s general morale.  If you don’t know how to vote, go to  If you don’t know who or what to vote for, you can watch this IG Live I did with my friend Christy Stillwell from Democrat Women of Santa Barbara County. Or you can read this essay I wrote about voting here. We are offering 20% off when you show us proof of voting. That is 20% off anything in the store, so if you have yet to use it, now is the time.  Just message or email us a picture and we will send you the code.


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