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The cold has come, the Halloween candy behind us.  Colors of oranges, yellows and reds are all around and we are sipping hot cider and cocoas while wearing beanies and coats.  It’s that cozy time of year.  But this year, with all of it’s curves and waves is different.  This year we may or may not get to see our families for the holidays.  Many of us will sit with less people at the Thanksgiving table and many of us might not be able to make the trip home for the Winter break.  

Earlier this year, at the beginning of COVID, we sat down as a team andthought about the holidays and what they would look like.  We knew we needed to have gift offerings that would feel and be special, cozy, loving andso we bolstered our gift section.  We created gift bundles, which are curated gift boxes that can be shipped to your loved ones wherever they may be.  We sought out artisan quality goods such as these candles made in Tawain and we bought endless cozy sweaters and beanies because nothing feels better than a soft and cozy sweater.  

For me, I decided a few years ago, that my gifting would be a local event.  I would buy from the places I have come to know and love and the places I want to keep open in business.  I buy my brother each year a t-shirt from a local coffee roaster here in Santa Barbara or a local surf shop because he loves it.  My nieces also love all things that say California, so I often ship them cozy Aviator Sweats.  For my friends, I slip them a little something like bath salts like there from Bad Moon Rising or some delightful tea like Masha from Brooklyn and for my littles I shop either here in our adorable kid sectionor over at a loved local and long standing family shop, Chicken Little.  Andfor those who you want to give a little something, there’s nothing better than a chocolate and a card.  

We have endless stores with endless options and I am certain behind each of those stores are hardworking small business owners who rely on us each year to support them so they can support us.  This precious chain is a must keep for small, local businesses.  

Best of all, I like to be creative with my gift giving, to spend a little more time upfront rather than running rampant in the week leading up to the holidays.  Shop early this year.  All the couriers have shared with us how hectic andbacked up this year will be.  For their sanity and well being, for all gifts to come on time, shop early and ship early.  

If you need help, or have someone in your life who is gifting to you and they need help, feel free to email us, we are more than happy to help.


Jen and all of us @shopjakeandjones