Fall clothes

Well, here we go. From Summer to Fall. From longer days to shorter ones. From Summer dresses, less clothing—to layers and coats. From bright to muted. From plump peaches and melons to more nutty flavors of squashes and earthy and hearty greens.  The softening into winter is coming. Are you ready?

fall clothesDuring COVID, the sun, the beach, the warm air has saved me. It’s saved our family.  I have a vivid image of us all laying in the grass, our bodies entwined, the sun warming our bodies, us not knowing what the near of far future looked like. But now, I feel a sense of the usual darkness of winter and the change into Autumn holding a harder energy—we live in sunny Santa Barbara and are outside most of the year, but what about everyone else? What will indoors look like? What will the chillier air bring?

fall clothes

As we move, sluggishly, maybe even hesitantly into what is usually my favorite season, I am preparing myself as much as I can. I am talking myself into the beauty of winter beach days, warm foods, layered clothing and I am also pausing to be grateful for the summer that was—with all the sadness, disease and uncertainty that it brought.  

fall clothes

 I am also reminded of my tribe, my people, my friends and family—the ones who keep me grounded and who I transition with no matter what the season. We do it together. The store has also become this place of returning clients, people we can transition with as well. This “pre-fall” is a time to check in, make sure your people are well, or a simple call to let someone know you are thinking of them.  

fall clothes

That’s what we are thinking about in the shop - how we move forward into Fall, then to Winter and don’t be fooled, but soon into the Holidays.  It’s all upon us.Sending love and the last bits of light during this time.



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