PARTY. Time to come celebrate.

I opened Jake and Jones one whole, full year ago on my nana's birthday. I remember because my cousin Aileen, who’s jewelry we sell in the store, texted me saying how auspicious to open on that day. My Nana was the ultimate artist—a true fashionista in that she wore whatever she wanted without giving a hoot of what other people thought. She was gorgeous because she was unafraid to be herself. She was totally kooky and, although she died when I was quite young, I have images of her boldness, her giant generosity, and her fun-loving, big-laughing self that stays with me. She and my Pa taught us how to Party, to really dress up and celebrate—whether it was us in our PJ’s dancing in their stock filled kitchen or them leaving for the night decked in beaded gowns and tuxedos on their way out for a night at swanky jazz clubs in New York City or with their Boca Raton friends. They knew how to celebrate and they knew how to give and to show up for the people in their lives.  

In the spirit of them, of all our grandparents who knew how to dress, to dazzle, to kick back a few cocktails and to come support their friends, I am requesting you come and celebrate us —our small store who, without your support, your purchases, your excitement and interest, we would be closing our doors instead of opening them wider.

So come and cheers me, cheers my team and cheers you—we did it and let’s kick off year 2 to be even bigger and badder than the first.

Details below.  Don’t miss it. And maybe you will win a personal styling appointment avec MOI.