Introducing Marie Turnor

I met Marie Turnor in LA, after a long day of market appointments. We sat inside an upscale Burger joint and she told me parts of her story and here is what resonated to me. Beth, who’s company name is Marie Turnor, sort of a pen name, studied fashion in Paris, New York, LA and she was the first to create this kind of “lunch bag,” the look and style of a take out bag but with luxurious leathers, suedes, colors and textures. Our conversation moved in and out of talk about fashion, business and of course, the personal. She shared with me her stories—her life as a mother and now grandmother, her and her husband's garden, her love for LA—even with all the traffic, the importance of showing up to one’s life in whatever way it calls you. I felt a connect—to her, her bags, her stories. This is one of my favorite parts of being a business owner and the buyer of my store—I get to have these unfolding relationships. It was magical. And now we have them—each are hand made ordered individually.  Choosing colors and styles was, needless to say, very challenging. But for me this store is about taking those risks, finding some color in your life, moving away from safe and into possibility. Come in and spend some time with these—they are unique, special and they tell the story of this fabulous woman Beth, aka Marie Turnor.