Holiday of LIGHT

There is a beautiful saying that I learned in Yoga that goes something like this: Let us move from darkness to light. I think about this teaching a lot whether in my personal life or in the larger global context. There is also the beautiful and mystical story of Hannukah—that it was a miracle that the candles kept burning and that we must always chose light over dark and to be part of the light rather than the dark. For me, and in the store, this is the time of year where all of our religions and beliefs are reminding us to move toward light—to be kinder, to be gracious, to love wider, to forgive one another and most of all to lighten the dark.
In all of this I run this light-filled store, you live your light-filled life, we light Christmas trees, we feed our kids, we pay our bills, we move and go. The light I am finding is in the way I am using my choices—how to create kindness, a sense of community and joy in this small space of a store. I find more and more a pull towards designers who are politically alive, who are environmentally conscious, who do not make more than they can sell and who respect small businesses by not marking down their gorgeous clothing as it contributes to this unnecessary wasteful and unsustainable climate.

My favorite again and again is Carolina K. Her clothes brighten my mood and they will for certain brighten your closet. Her clothing is art and it is political and she uses sustainable materials. We can barely keep any of it in the store because it has a magnetic pull for our customers who are also smart, conscientious and bold in their voices.

So, my friends, be brave and use your talents whatever they might be to say something of value, of purpose and be that agent of change—and little by little or big by big, I have faith and hope in the miracle of lighting the world.

In L I G H T,