Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the candy eating and teeth brushing team at Jake & Jones!

When I think of Halloween, I think of me and my brother running door to door in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  There was no “Switch Witch” and there was no fear around some good old candy hitting our teeth. We would come home, dump out our buckets of candy and trade each other for candies we liked.  Costumes were creative, fun - always an element of gore.  

Now as a mom of two young boys, we have had three years in a row with Jake as a ninja and two with Jones.  It is all about the details, the parties, the decision of where to trick or treat and with whom to go with.  We have been decorating the home for the month of October and although I think the greatest adornment this year is the pumpkins that I grew in our backyard, but they think it is the inflatable scary T-Rex.  

This time of year for me is the precursor to Winter, to the darkness that comes, the cold, the going inward.  Even as kids we felt the chill in the air, the dampness on the ground and knew it was a sign that soon the trees would lose their leaves and we would be watching the first snow.  Here in California, things are so different as these months we brace ourselves for wildfire season and most days I find myself hoping the days and nights pass without any fires. Rain, dampness and cold are big asks for us out here.  

The store is full of all the fun for these next months, from Thanksgiving to the Holidays.  We have tons of new brands, lots of small giftable items as we prepare for the season of gratitude and gifting.   

However you celebrate Halloween, I wish it a safe one.  I hope as parents, we can enjoy watching how excited our kids get as they dress up and run door to door and how fun it really is to rip open a snickers or reeses.  

Happy Halloween and May Your Bucket Be Full,