Here is my list of what I would want for Mother’s Day. 

Please pass this along to whomever has the honor of gifting you (if you are a Mom), or to anyone who might need a little help.


We are so excited to announce our new collaboration J&J X Boudov Designs.
We were wanting simple pieces, everyday ease ad we were looking to fill the piercing category. Here is the beginning to a basics line that will bring everyday pieces. All are made with 14K golds so they will never fade and they can be yours forever. Classic, elegant, chic and modern. Yay!


I am not a makeup kind of girl, but I love me a serum, a tincture, an oil and here are some of my favorites hippie but bougie spa products:


Whatever the occasion, do not skip the card. 
We have an assortment for you to choose from:

If on this Mother’s Day, you can’t gift with money, don’t fret.  The best gifts I have been given are that of time.  Roll out a blanket, plan a picnic in the backyard, clean the house, offer a massage, read aloud to her, have the kids paint her a picture - the specialness comes from the thought, the taking her into mind, not from the actual gift.  But I will say in my own experience, add charm, romanticism and be tender.   These moments are gifts for us the gift givers and if we miss them, well then it’s a missed moment to feel how good it feels to give a great gift!

I am here to help if you want with any gift picking out, just email me:

Happy gifting and remember, give with genuine heart.