Boudov Trunk Show

I love helping people find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Nothing makes me more excited than seeing someone light up from a gift they were given and that feeling of feeling “gotten.” I have been on both ends of that spectrum. I have opened gifts feeling crushed that the person did not take me into consideration and I have been so taken back from such thoughtful and loving gifts. I get it.

This Saturday we are hosting one of my favorite jewelry designers, Cindy Boudov.  She is known for her diamonds and she is also known for her golds: rose, white and yellow. Her jewelry is delicate and also substantial. A gemologist with a true passion for stones, Cindy will be in store with one of a kind pieces offering her wealth of knowledge and passion to help you find the perfect gift.  

Nothing says it better than jewelry.  

I will be here as well, helping everyone pick gifts that are meaningful with thought and love.  My goal is to help you buy your loved ones something special.

Looking forward to a fun day of gifting (even gifting for you)!