Vasant Rounded Square Earrings

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Color: Chalcedony, Green Onyx, and Labradorite
NOTE: Earrings are photographed in Chrysoprase. This style of earrings are only available in chalcedony, green onyx and labradorite.
About the designer:
Acclaimed jewelry designer Vasant has been a citizen of the world her entire life, and yet, it wasn't until her decade long annual visits to India began that her inspirations blossomed in to a lifelong artistic quest for perfection. She soon found herself pouring through trays of precious and semi precious stones in search of perfect adornments for herself, her friends, and her clientele.
She loves to see how women "know" exactly which stone and piece is right for them. Whether it is the depth of the color or complementary properties of the corresponding stone, she looks for the exact qualities inherent within the gem and its bearer. "Somehow, it's always the right fit! I get so much pleasure out of seeing my designs light up a beautiful woman and in turn to see how her natural beauty makes my creations even more stunning to the eye." -Vasant